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Do you have what it takes to enter the dark and mysterious World of Secrets and free the Hidden from their sinister Keeper?

If so, get a copy of Riddle of the White Sphinx and read to the end of the book to complete the following tasks:

1. Locate the Seven Portals

2. Identify the Hidden

3. Discover their Secrets

4. Crack the Hidden Code

If on your quest, you present your book at each museum you will also receive one of seven unique stamps for your passport at the back of the book. Each one contains part of a riddle to lead you to the Keeper’s Secret, hidden somewhere in Cambridge. Use the Code to unlock the secret and free the Hidden!

Any Adventurers who complete their Museum Passport and solve the

Riddle of the White Sphinx will receive a special certificate from

the Associate of Hidden Adventurers, AHA!

To receive your certificate enter your details here

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Riddle of the White Sphinx  is available in book shops NOW! 

Stockists in Cambridge include Heffers, Cambridge University Press  & Museum Bookshops

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