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notebook and pen TEMP for 12th Sept blog

Small beginnings 

1st September 2018

A year ago, I was on holiday in Norfolk chatting with my friend, Sorrel, about childhood and the things we used to get up to in the summer holidays. It was a summer evening, and we were sitting on the porch of a holiday cottage, watching her girls swinging from a climbing frame and scrambling up a nearby apple tree. It reminded us of holidays before Snapchat, computer games and other forms of digital entertainment, when as children we would leave the house and go out and make up our own adventures, riding around Read more...

How to write a treasure hunt

12th September 2018

How do you write a treasure hunt? That’s the question I was asking myself when I sat down with my notebook and pen at the outset. I knew it had to involve children and they should be the heroes of the tale. But it would also need to include other characters, both good and evil who would either help or hinder them in their quest. Locations would be important, ideally ones  Read more...